Creamy Cucumber Salad

Inspiration: I love getting fresh vegetables from Brandon’s parents’ garden. Armed with a crisper drawer full of cucumbers, I mixed up several batches of the cucumber vinegar salad that my parents always made when I was a kid and this creamy cucumber salad that Brandon’s mom always makes. We had some great cucumber snacks for a few weeks!

What we Loved: Cool and refreshing are the best words that I can think of to describe this salad. Dill, sour cream, and cucumbers work really well together to create a light salad that’s a great alternative when you’re not in the mood for a heavier dish. Served with some fresh tomato slices and a nice sprinkle of salt, this really is the lightest and most refreshing salad. Great for (these last few days of) summer!

Helpful Hints: Brandon’s mom always serves these cucumbers over fresh tomatoes, and I really love that flavor combination best. The juicy, sweet tomatoes complement the flavors of the cucumber and sour cream so well! Sometimes, she’ll serve these cucumbers as a side dish to her stuffed hot peppers, which I also think is a surprising and great flavor combination. This salad is also great just on its own as a light lunch or as a side dish to the rest of your lunch items.

Creamy Cucumber Salad
Source: Brandon’s Mom

2 cucumbers, diced
1-2 slices onion, diced
Sour cream
Dried or fresh dill
Salt and pepper

1. Place the cucumbers and onions in a bowl. Season well with dill, salt, and pepper. Add a big dollop of sour cream, and mix everything to combine. Taste, adding more sour cream or seasonings if desired.


2 thoughts on “Creamy Cucumber Salad

  1. Beautiful. Fresh produce from the garden cannot be beat.

    I came across your blog looking for a stuffed poblano recipe. I found some amazing looking peppers and have to find a recipe to use them! Thanks.

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