Happy St. Patrick’s Day & Brewlimination

We’re a couple of beer lovers, and while a Guinness on tap at an Irish pub will always hold a special place in our hearts just for being what it is, we stick to Guinness Extra Stout or Guinness Foreign Extra Stout when we purchase bottles for St. Patrick’s Day. If you haven’t had either of them, definitely give them a try! They’re much more robust and complex, and in our opinions they’re much more satisfying.

And if you do like beer – specifically craft beer – my brother and his friend run a website called Brewlimination that has gotten Brandon and I into the habit of taste testing our beers and comparing them against each other, like we did last night with these two lovely Guinness beers. Brewlimination places craft beers into a 64 beer bracket and runs a tournament until a winning beer is chosen. You can pit beers against each other, choose and vote for your favorite, and learn a whole lot about all of the different and wonderful craft breweries that are out there along the way. Brandon and I like to buy one of each beer for a match, then split them between us so that we each have half of a glass. We take turns pouring for each other so that one of us can always taste blind, which always makes things interesting. So if you’re looking for a fun new way to enjoy beer, head on over to Brewlimination and check it out. They’re heading into the final four of the current tournament right now, so there are some great beers on deck!

And no matter what you choose or choose not to drink on this St. Paddy’s Day, we hope that it’s a wonderful day :)


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