Marinated Cheese and Olives (for The Holiday Project)

Many of the best memories over the course of my life involve sharing good food and drinks with the people that I love. And when it comes to the holidays, there’s just nothing quite as heartwarming as un-bundling from the cold and settling in with family over a great cheese tray and a bottle of nice red wine. We talk, we laugh, we tell jokes, and we make great memories together over appetizers and snacks. And so for me, holiday appetizer recipes might just be my favorite of all of the special foods that we cook over the holiday season. They’re the little treats that I associate with the fondest memories and with my favorite part of the holiday season – enjoying the company of my loved ones.

Today I’m so happy and excited to participate in Stephanie’s awesome Holiday Project over at Life Tastes Like Food. Stephanie has gathered bloggers and readers alike to join in the holiday spirit and share their stories and recipes. Please head on over to her site for the marinated cheese and olives recipe (here) and to check out all of the other amazing posts.


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