Baked Fish with Pesto and Prosciutto

Inspiration: Ahhh, pesto and prosciutto. It’s one of those food pairings that’s just perfect, isn’t it? Peanut butter and jelly fancified. I never tire of the combination, and we just love it in this baked fish recipe, which I first made years ago and sort of forgot about. It’s always nice to rediscover old favorites.

What We Loved: There are a lot of things to appreciate about this meal. First and foremost, the flavor combination is just lovely. The light and flaky fish, rich and garlicky pesto, and salty prosciutto all meld together perfectly in each bite. Secondly, this meal is a snap to throw together, especially if you already have some homemade pesto on hand (I like to make a batch and freeze it in ice cube trays, giving me tablespoon-sized cubes of pesto whenever I need them). I also think that this dish really presents just beautifully, making it perfect for company or for a fancy weeknight supper after a long day.

Tips: I used sole filets when making the recipe this time (two 2-3 ounce filets for each of us), but you can really use any kind of fish that you prefer (I usually choose whatever looks good/is in season and/or is on sale at the grocery store). My favorite kind of fish to use with this recipe is mahi-mahi, though, because I really like the hearty, meaty texture of that fish paired with the bold flavors of the pesto and prosciutto.

Baked Fish with Pesto and Prosciutto
Source: Original Recipe

Fish filets (sole, flounder, tilapia, mahi-mahi – whatever you’d like)
Black pepper
Basil pesto
Prosciutto slices
Basil leaves

1. Season the fish filets with black pepper (no salt is necessary, as prosciutto is very salty).

2. Spread a good dollop of pesto across the top of each filet.

3. Wrap each filet in a slice of prosciutto.

4. Bake at 350 for about 20 minutes, until the fish flakes easily with a fork.

5. Serve topped with basil leaves for garnish.


18 thoughts on “Baked Fish with Pesto and Prosciutto

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    Carrie & Brandon from the new blog (new for me) “Our Food In Life” have a wonderful recipe for fish…I am doing this one on Friday because I always eat a fish dish on Fridays.

    • Thanks :) I agree – pesto is one of my favorite sauces ever. My husband and I just had a chicken pesto pizza with sun dried tomatoes last evening that was fabulous!

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