Beef Burgers with Onion Slices and Mashed Avocado

Inspiration: It’s about time that we shared this recipe with you. We’ve been making it for years now, and it’s certainly our very favorite burger recipe. When summer time rolls around, these guys make an appearance on our dinner table quite often. To me, a great grilled burger is quintessential summer, and this is the best burger of them all.

What We Loved: As I said, these are our favorite burgers, and for good reason. They’ve got so much rich and delicious flavor going on. Grilled Vidalia onion slices are just fantastic on burgers, particularly if they’re grilled on charcoal. They lend such a smoky sweet flavor to the burgers. And you really can’t go wrong with creamy avocado with just a touch of salt and bright cilantro. With smoked gruyere (my new addiction) and an already smoky, juicy burger, the flavors in each bite are so rich and fantastic. I could eat these every day.

Tips: These are good any way that you cook them, but the best way by far is to use the charcoal grill to cook both the burgers and the onion slices. That grilled charcoal flavor just can’t be replicated on a gas grill on in a saute pan. The last time that we made these, we added these hickory chips to the coals, and they were some of the best burgers that we’ve ever had.

Beef Burgers with Onion Slices and Mashed Avocado
Source: Original Recipe
Serves: 2

About 3/4 lb ground beef (I use 85% grass-fed)
Burger seasoning of choice
Applewood smoked gruyere cheese, shredded
2 thick slices Vidalia onion
1 small avocado
Handful fresh cilantro, minced
Kosher salt

1. Season the ground beef and form into two patties. Make a nice indentation in the middle of each patty with your thumb, which will allow for even cooking.

2. Place the burgers and the onion slices on the charcoal grill, and grill until the burgers are cooked through, about 5 minutes per side. About two minutes before removing the burgers from the grill, top them with the gruyere cheese.

3. Meanwhile, mash the avocado in a bowl. Mix it with a handful of fresh cilantro and a good sprinkle of Kosher salt.

4. Serve the burgers topped with the grilled onion slices, the mashed avocado, and additional cilantro.


16 thoughts on “Beef Burgers with Onion Slices and Mashed Avocado

  1. The burger looks absolutely to-die-for! Love the idea of avocado mash.. Will definitely try it out when I make my burger!

  2. This sounds wonderful. But I can’t grill due to apartment rules, so I need you to make two extra, freeze them, then ship them to me in dry ice. I’ll pay, of course. Just let me know when they’re on the way so I can make sure I’m home to accept them. :)
    BTW, I told you the bean salad was a big hit and it was, But I had some leftover – about 2 cups. So I put it in the processor along with some roasted garlic, EVOO, lemon juice, cumin and tahini, and it made an outstanding (and very healthy) hummus!

    • :) Hehe, sure thing!

      And that’s an awesome idea with the leftover salsa! Thanks for sharing it – I’ll have to keep it in mind for the next time that I have leftovers.

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